Palo Santo Bundle

What is Palo Santo? 

This heavenly aromatic wood has been used for generations by indigenous culture in South America like Peru and Ecuador as part of sacred smoke and purification rituals.

What is the intention of use?

The wood is commonly burned in a nature similar to incense by allowing the smoke to cleanse a physical space, object, or person. Its essence is believed to energetically clear out any lingering stagnant or negative energy.

Where do we source our Palo Santo?

Our supplier, One Love Holistics, works passionately to protect its place within contemporary conscious culture alongside environmental agencies such as MAGAP (Ecuador), SERFOR (Peru), and the USDA (US) to support the protection & reforestation of the South American Dry Forests, from which our beloved Palo Santo tree grows its roots.

They strive to set the gold standard within our niche industry by promoting responsible sourcing practices, regenerative forestation, ethical labor conditions, and a socially-responsible business model. “Bursera graveolens” is the botanical classification for the “Palo Santo” that we know, love, and burn in our space. Contrary to the recent news and social media posts, this species is NOT currently listed on the CITES Appendices, NOR the IUCN Red List database.

Size: Bundle includes a set of 2 sticks and FORWARD__Space matchbox. Sticks approx. 4" L x 0.5" W, but vary in size.

Suggested Use: Using a candle, match or lighter ignite the wood stick by holding it at a 45-degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow the stick to safely burn for 30 seconds then blow out the flame to allow for the smoke to become present. From there, either place the stick in a non-flammable incense burner or use it as part of a purifying ritual with a positive intention.

Shipping & Returns: To ensure the utmost cleanliness and safety of all products, we will not be able to accept returns or exchanges at this time. All sales are final.